Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tapestry Tapestries Los Angeles

Tapestry Tapestries in Los Angeles

We recently acquired different collection of tapestries made in the U.S. and Europe in different designs and sizes. They are diverse and include traditional and contemporary designs. While our prices are competitive, our tapestries are of high quality and are hand picked and selected from different collections. We do not import or buy our tapestries in bulk. We select each tapestry one by one.

Visit our tapestry collection online or in store and decorate your home with art and culture. It has been few centuries since architects, designers, artists, home owners, and other types of people discovered tapestries and have used them to decorate their homes and walls. Tapestry, as a world-class wall d├ęcor, adds dramatic accent to the large open foyers, expansive fireplaces, and high ceiling rooms found in many homes today. With hardwood, tile and other hard surfaces being the trend in today's homes, tapestry provides excellent sound absorption and noise reduction.

Each of our tapestries at is finished with elegant and fine backing and generous rod pocket for easy hanging. (Los Angeles) also provides you with the rods, finials and other accessories for your convenience.

Our tapestries are made based on old techniques, but not for old castles and mansions. They are made for today's homes!

Khosrow Sobhe

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