Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oreintal Rug Blogs

When I started my rug blog few months ago in Oct. 2007, I did not think it would have as many visitors per day as it has now. Some of my rug blog visitors want me to only write about my everyday business events and experiences. They say copying and pasting other reports and news has no attractions for them. I respect this idea and try to have at least one post everyday. Rug blog is a very specialized and focused topic. Having 25-30 visitors per day is more than good and exciting. I looked for up dated Oriental rug blogs, and I could not find even one. Rug dealers and lovers are busy so they do not post that many writings every week.

I do my homework and try to keep up.

Khosrow Sobhe

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Kevin Pearson said...

When storing a rug for any length of time do not store them in plastic and do not fold them. You can roll a rug and store it in tyvek so it can breath. A rug should always be cleaned before storing and stored in a climate controlled environment.

Kevin Pearson