Thursday, October 11, 2012

5 x 8 Shag Rugs on SALE!

Shag rugs, the popular floor-covering icon of the ‘70s, have made a comeback, gaining popularity with young and old alike. These fuzzy, shaggy rugs can soften the look of wooden or stone floors, provide comfort in a den or bring a splash of color to an otherwise subdued decorating scheme. Shag rugs can work magic and create a colorful and lively vibe in any room in your home. Normally priced at $595, right now we have some great brand new 5 x 8 shag rugs for only $295!
Shag rugs are a fantastic element around which you can design a creative space. If you have the opportunity, you may want to start with a totally empty room, choose your shag rug first, then paint or paper the walls in colors found in the shag rug. Many new shag rug styles have a woven-marbled look, meaning different colors are woven and layered together to create an exciting texture and luxurious feel. Choose furniture that will enhance the colors or patterns found in the rug. A shag rug with a bold, overall design can be the focal point of a room, so consider choosing a chair or sofa in solid or subdued patterns. We have 5 x 8 shag rugs in Black, Charcoal, Crimson & Cream, and they are all only $295!
There are also shag rugs that fit into an established decor. If you already have your furniture, choose a shag rug that picks up the existing colors. Patterns can be mixed if they are coordinated by color. A light colored shag rug makes a room look more spacious, while deeper colors help make a room feel cozy. Plus a shag rug can be used to pull together various design styles. So pick up a brand new 5 x 8 shag today at Rug Ideas to liven up your decor!

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