Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Stain Removal - Kashan Rug

We had an interesting customer story occur a couple weeks ago here at Rug Ideas. A couple brought in a very nice Kashan Rug that had some apparent color bleeding all over the rug(which made the ivory parts pink) as well as a large white stain on the bottom of it. What happened was that the couple decided to wash the rug themselves with household cleansers as it had not been cleaned in a couple years. They wet it in their backyard and once they started to wash the rug they noticed the colors started bleeding all over. In a panic they asked around and searched the internet and heard of a remedy that requires putting yogurt on the rug. The yogurt, however, made a totally new problem and stained the area that it touched. The owners of the rug gave up on their DIY rug cleaning and decided to take it to the experts... here at Rug Ideas! Take a look at the before pics below:
With all the bad news they brought, we brought some hope with our 59 years of expertise. The good news is that they brought the rug in right away once the problem happened. Letting this kind of problem sit means that the bleeding might set in and the damage could become permanent. Stain Removal is what we were going to have to do, but a good cleaning would need to come first. The Kashan rug went through our deep cleaning process, which first requires dusting of the rug to remove and debris that might turn into mud once water hits the rug, then color stabilizers to prevent further color bleeding. It then was completely wet washed using specialty shampoo made just for Oriental rugs. Once it has been thoroughly cleaned and rinsed it dries naturally under the sun. After the cleaning we had to do multiple steps of stain removal to get out the bleeding that occur when the owners originally washed the rug themselves. This process is time consuming and requires light applications, with time to the application to set in, then  further applications to get the ivory color back. Great care had to be taken so as not to lighten any other color or designs on the rug. Take a look at how fantastic this Kashan rug turned out below:
Our customers are picking their rug up in a few days, and we know that they will be absolutely ecstatic at how great the rug looks and that the errors they made in washing the rug themselves were taken care of. If you have a rug that needs cleaning, leave it to the experts at Rug Ideas, where more than half a century of experience dealing with rugs means we know exactly the best methods of taking care of your precious textiles. And if you have a rug that has had color bleeding happen and you need top quality stain removal, bring in your rug as soon as possible so that you have the best chances of getting it back to normal. At Rug Ideas we love rugs... it's our passion!

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