Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Interior Inspirations - Part 1

Beautiful carpets and rugs are perhaps the most esthetically pleasing, warming, and humanizing elements that can be added to an interior.  Though bold in color and positive in design, most rugs will fit into almost any interior, miraculously adding to its elegance and charm without competing for attention, but amiably blending in- although where a focus is required, a well placed and well chosen rug can command attention. Even the most distinctive carpets will adapt to different styles of homes, rooms and decorative purposes, such as wall hangings, throws, pillows and even upholstery.
For centuries, nomadic peoples have used their weavings to supply them with luxurious furnishings for their far from primitive lifestyles. Flat-weaves have been used as camel and pony trappings; carrying bags for bedding, clothes and food; floor coverings; divisions within the tent; seating and much more. In Western homes, too, they can be used in a great number of different ways.
Rugs are available in many different sizes, designs, colors, textures and weaving techniques; some are so sturdy and stiff that they just ask to be put on the floor, while others are so delicate that they can be hung as pictures on the wall. The colors of both hand-knotted and flat-woven carpets and rugs, although rich and vivid, are, in general, so subtle that they can be used in almost any interior. They will complement a home that already glows with color, while lifting a somewhat bland interior to something quite out of the ordinary.

Sourced from 'Carpet Style' by Barty Phillips

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