Monday, October 8, 2012

Collage Carpet - Velcro Strip Backing

   We had a custom job recently for a customer's collage carpet that was brought in recently. This carpet is called a collage carpet because it is comprised of many different patches of rugs that have been sewn together to make a collage... a carpet collage!
   Our customer wanted to hang this piece on their wall and we had the perfect solution. We frequently sew a canvas strip across the top of rugs that are going to be hung on the wall, allowing a rod to be put through the canvas and the rod can be attached to rod holders that have been secured to the wall. Problem is that our customer didn't want to do any drilling into the wall to find support beams to attach the rod holder to. They instead wanted a velcro strip attached to the rug so that they could simply put the other velcro side right on the wall. This rug is small and light so this would work perfectly. Take a look at the installed velcro below:
The velcro strip was sewn by hand and the rug is now ready to be hung on the wall with minimal effort. If you have a rug/carpet/tapestry that you'd like to hang, bring it in to Rug Ideas where we can step you through your options so that you can display your beautiful piece!

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