Friday, October 12, 2012

Interior Inspirations - part 2

Displaying and Using Carpets and Rugs
Be expansive about the way in which you use rugs and carpets; they don't have to be confined to the floor. Any insight into traditional uses may inspire creative placing in your own home. The Chinese, for example, designed carpets specifically to fit around pillars; there was no vertical border pattern, and a design, such as a dragon, formed a continuous image when wrapped around a column. In the tents of the nomadic tribes of Asia, rich, warmly, colored weavings provided insulation against the harsh winds of the Asian steppes.
You can also diversify from traditional uses; Ensis rugs(which serve as tent entrance curtains) are less stiff than many others, and can be adapted for use as throws. Prayer rugs are essentially small(for easy transportation), and they can used for filling in narrown spaces between large rugs, and for use as hangings or bedside rugs.
Or take a tip from the Iranian Kurdish and Belouchi tribes, whose square korsi rugs covered charcoal braziers or bread ovens when not in use, and served as a warm, heavy family blanket in the harsh mountain winters. In Scandanavia, pile-weaving served as cloaks and sleigh robes by day, and blankets or bed coverings by night; and the serapes or blankets of Mexicans and Navajo tribespeople from the Southwest were similarly dual-purpose. Brightly colored and striped versions of these serapes can serve as light-wear rugs or throws.

sourced from 'Carpet Style' by Barty Phillips

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