Monday, October 1, 2012

Moroccan Rug - Cleaning and Repair

A customer recently brought in a rug of theirs that they bought in Morocco during a vacation. It has been in their home for the past 7 years and had never had a cleaning. Another area of attention was the ends of the rug, which were slowly unraveling. The design of the rug was at stake and this rug needed to be secured. Take a look at before pics of the rug below:
We first secured the ends before it went through our deep cleaning process so that any further unraveling would not happen(see below):
After the cleaning the rug was looking great, with the colors now vibrant again. The last step was to secure the ends. This was done by one of our master weavers who did the whole job by hand to make sure the foundations of this Moroccan were strong and secure. Take a look at how much that securing makes a difference below:
This Moroccan rug is now in excellent condition due to the deep cleaning and securing of the ends. Our customer was extremely happy when they saw the results, and remarked at how they couldn't wait to put it back into their house. If you have a rug that is in need of a good cleaning, or that needs repair so that it can be structurally sound again, bring it into Rug Ideas where our expertise translates into happy customers!

Dr. Khosrow Sobhe (Dr. Kay)
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